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If you have any questions you can contact me from my etsy store, alternatively send me an email at n360-usb@outlook.com

​Adds Wireless Xbox 360 Controller support to your Nintendo 64!

The n360 is a small circuit board which adds a USB port to the Nintendo 64 Console and is connected to the controller ports internally. I call it the n360. The n360 has out of the box support for Xbox 360 Wireless controllers with an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver.
Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver and Xbox Controllers not included!

Other Features include:

• Support up to 4 Xbox Wireless Controllers
• Full Rumble Pak support on all controllers.
• Controller Pak support for Player 1. Two memory banks available for twice as many saved games.
• In game reset
• Does not impact use of the controller port for original controllers*
* The Xbox 360 Wireless controller must be de-synced or switched off to allow an original controller to be connected to that port.

The Controller

Some actions can be performed by the following combos:

1. BACK+D-LEFT = No Pak
2. BACK+D-RIGHT = Install a Rumble Pak
3. BACK+D-UP = Install a Controller Pak (Bank 1, Player 1 only)
4. BACK+D-DOWN = Install a Controller Pak (Bank 2, Player 1 only)
5. LB+RB+D-DOWN+D-RIGHT+A+B = Reset Console (Same as pressing the Reset button)
6. BACK+START = Turn off the Controller. The controller will turn off automatically after losing sync (i.e turning off the console) after a minute or so anyway.
7. Pressing Y will toggle a reduced analog range for the stick. This can help achieve finer control i.e. when aiming. A ‘finer’ rumble from the controller indicates the finer range is active. A ‘rougher’ rumble indicates the normal range.
8. LB+RB then press XBOX button to enable ‘Golden Eye’ mode. This is a mode made specifically for Goldeneye 007 and uses the secondary analog stick and takes advantage of the games ability to use two n64 controllers at the same time for dual analog stick inputs (Move and Aim). Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information. Also works in Perfect Dark!

The controller will rumble briefly to indicate a successful combo input.
When changing peripherals, the same rules apply about removing it during game play. Follow the prompts in the game to change peripheral safely!

If the game boots and checks for controllers before the Xbox 360 Wireless controller has time to sync to the receiver, the game may report “no controllers” and won’t continue. If this happens just wait for the controller to sync (should only take a couple seconds) and press the reset button, or use the controller combo to reset the console!


Why Do I Need This?

This is a modern, wireless ergonomic replacement for the N64 controllers.

The analog stick has been tuned to match the range of a genuine analog stick as close as possible. For some reason a lot of the replacement sticks off eBay or aftermarket controllers fail to do this so they often seem overly sensitive than you might remember. The Xbox 360 controller sticks are also significantly more robust and resilient than the original analog sticks.

Obviously no more wires!

Rumble Pak support on all four controllers and a two bank Controller Pak on player 1 is all built in, so its much easier than managing all these accessories.

Extremely low level programming with very little overhead. Input lag comparable to a genuine controller and better than emulation on the PC.


Input Lag

I put together a crude slow motion video comparing a genuine N64 controller vs a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller.
I attempt to press a button on both controllers at the exact same time. A custom ROM is running on the real N64 hardware and when the input registers within the console  the bit will change from a ‘0’ to a ‘1’. This ROM can be downloaded from the ‘Downloads‘ section. You will need a flash cart to load the ROM onto the N64 console.
The top row is the player 1 controller (In this case the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller). The second row is a genuine N64 controller.

There is effectively no additional input lag compared to an original genuine controller.


GoldenEye Mode

GoldenEye mode is a custom arrangement made specifically for GoldenEye 007 (and Perfect Dark). These games have a specific feature that allows you to use two n64 controllers at the same time so you can use two analog sticks to control your character, like this:

To enable:

  1. Make sure you only have one Xbox 360 Wireless Controller synced up to the console.
  2. Boot into GoldenEye 007 and set your controller arrangement to “2.1 PLENTY“. In Perfect Dark set controller arrangement to “2.1 (Two-Handed)”
  3. Hold LB+RB, then press the XBOX button in the centre of the controller to enable GoldenEye mode. The top two LEDs on the controller will alternatively flash to indicate that it is enabled. Repeat this combo press to disable. LB,RB = the left and right top bumper buttons.
  4. The default configuration is fairly standard to a modern FPS game:
  • Left Trigger = AIM with reticle
  • Right Trigger = FIRE
  • Right Stick = Look Around. The vertical aiming inversion can be enabled/disabled in the in-game options.
  • Left Stick = Walk Forward/Backward, Strafe left/right
  • B = Reload/Interact
  • A = Change Weapon
  • Navigating menus in GoldenEye mode can be difficult. If you hold the right stick in, the left stick will act as per normal and control the cursor. Alternatively, hold the left trigger and the right analog stick will control the cursor or just disable Goldeneye mode temporarily whilst navigating menus.