Arduino USB Host Controller Driver

The source code for the Xbox 360 USB driver is available on my github here

Custom N64 ROM

To assist in development on my n360 PCB design I wrote a custom Nintendo 64 ROM that reports all the button presses, analog stick outputs, what peripheral the console thinks is installed, some basic Controller Pak read/write checks and the ability to toggle the Rumblepak.

This will only work on real Nintendo 64 hardware or cycle accurate Nintendo 64 emulators (Such as cen64). To get this on real hardware you will require a flash cart (Such as an Everdrive64).

The ROM can be downloaded here (Github Source)



n360 Schematic Rev 0 (PDF)



One generous and inventive user has developed a 3D printable mount that allows the Xbox 360 wireless Receiver’s bare circuit board to be mounted internally. In addition to the wireless receiver mount he has created a 3D printable AV port shroud which allows you to wire the sync button, sync indicator LED indicator, external programming port and a user programmable switch around the AV port without modifying the N64 case! The 3d Files can be downloaded here: N360 Multiport V2 3D Files

Full credits to Rich for this brilliant idea!